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Eric's Recipes

Dishes to Die ForWhen Meg Harris was asked by Crime Writers of Canada to contribute a recipe for Dishes to Die for…again”, she was in a bit of a dilemma. You see she hates to cook. But, her friend, Eric Odjik, Band Chief of the Migiskan loves to dabble in the kitchen, a talent he acquired while playing professional hockey. In fact, he often turns up at Meg’s century old cottage with fish or game from the reserve. So Meg turned to Eric for help, something she does rather frequently.

Initially, he thought of Meg’s love for bass lightly sautéed in butter. But its succulent taste evaporates if the fish is more than a few hours old. So Eric decided on venison. “Better for city folk”, he said. If the wild stuff were not available, farmed red deer would do nicely.

Eric invented this recipe the October evening after Meg found the body. She was so upset. Into the booze more than she should be. So to ease her mind he whipped up this simple dish, even used some dried wild mushrooms Meg had previously picked to make an accompanying risotto. He named it ‘Pinàkwig’ meaning ‘time of falling leaves’ in Algonquin.

Pinàkwig Dinner for Two
(‘Time of Falling Leaves’)

Suggested wine: Cabernet Sauvignon

Serves two